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Question of the Day, 10 January 2007.

Papelbonificent, enjoy your bragging rights. You can read his solution to the "problem" in the last QOTD, but let's just say it involved a Marlins 3B whose name rhymes with Abrera. Kudos to Papelbonificent, though I also thought SoxDevil's trade involving Teixeira would have worked (assuming a negotiating window on an extension, perhaps), and I liked ejruiz's suggestion, though I think the Sox end up with the slightly better end (a prospect is a prospect is a prospect theory).

But, if you read ejruiz's suggestion, you'll have some clue as to today's question. It's pretty simple: Which non-Santana pitcher do you covet most in the ML? No bragging rights here, as it's simple opinion, though I guess the pitcher with the most "votes" will have some if he visits the site. Anyway, feel free to give an explanation of your choice.