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What would you demand for Papi's 50th?

Did you see the list of demands submitted by the fan from Rhode Island who caught Papi's 50th? Among other things, he's asking for:

An Ortiz signed Jersey
A Schilling Jersey
A jersey signed by the team
A game-used base signed by Ortiz
Tickets to future home games
Batting practice before a home game
Throwing out the first pitch at a home game
Permission to get married at Fenway

There was some discussion on the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN Radio about this today. Me? I really don't blame the guy. It's his ball. I'd like that stuff too. It's easy to say I'd just give the ball back and let Ortiz and the Sox auction it off with all proceeds going to charity because I don't have the actual ball in my hand. If I did have the ball, and wasn't worried about being judged for asking for something in return, I'd probably ask for:

A signed Ortiz baseball
A signed Ortiz bat
A spot at Fantasy Camp next year
Tickets to opening day 2007

I don't think that's too much to ask. What would you guys want in exchange?