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I'm Engaged!

While the Sox are losing, I'm winning.

I popped the question last night to my girlfriend of two-plus years, Alisha. And when I do things, I go big or go home. That's why I asked her in front of 5,000 people.

I staged it at the Big & Rich concert last night in Gilford, NH. Her seat number was "randomly" called to take part in the Cash Vault, which was basically a phone booth that flew money in the air.

While she answered questions from Vito (the man who helped set this whole thing up), I snuck up next to her, was given the mic and put it out there. She immedietly turned red and began to cry.

I did my job and she, of course, accepted.

Twenty-five hours later, I'm still in shock. I had so many emotions that were and still are rushing through my body that I still can't explain them. All I know is that I'm a very happy man.

I'm an engaged man now. And even though this engagement will be a long one (we're waiting until we're done with college), it was the greatest moment in my life.

Thanks for listening -- I just had to let everybody know that. Oh! Go Sox!