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Damn you, American League!

It sucks to be so good.

The Red Sox sit a comfortable 10.5 games behind the Yankees. Comfortable depending on the way you look at things in this world. You may be wondering why I say it sucks to be so "good," so let me explain.

Our Sox have a .535 winning percentage. It's not great, but it's still pretty darn good. Compare that to the National League. Only one team has a better winning percentage and only one team has the same winning percentage. The rest are worse.

Here's how the top AL and NL teams break down, according to winning percentage. I also placed Boston in the NL, to see where they'd rank:

American League
Team                            WP
New York                        .608
Detroit                         .600
Minnesota                       .590
Chicago                         .572
Los Angeles                     .538
Boston                          .535

National League
Team                            WP
New York                        .618
Boston                          .535
St. Louis                       .535
Los Angeles                     .528
San Diego                       .517
San Francisco                   .507
It's pretty interesting. As the Sox sit home this October, they could be playing for a World Series title if they were just within the National League. The Mets, I believe, are going to make out like bandits in the NL. Can anyone stop them?

Obviously, the Red Sox will never go to the NL nor will the Yankees. And I'm not saying I want the Sox to go to the NL, either. Boston will just have to fight next year to get back on top.