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Open Thread: 9.13.06 at Baltimore Orioles

Lineups and Pitchers

Red Sox

  1. Kevin Youkilis, LF
  2. Mark Loretta, 1B
  3. David Ortiz, DH
  4. Wily Mo Pena, RF
  5. Mike Lowell, 3B
  6. Gabe Kapler, CF
  7. Doug Mirabelli, C
  8. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
-- P. Tim Wakefield


  1. Brian Roberts, 2B
  2. Melvin Mora, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Miguel Tejada, SS
  5. Ramon Hernandez, C
  6. Kevin Millar, DH
  7. David Newhan, CF
  8. Chris Gomez, 1B
  9. Jeff Fiorentino, LF
-- P. Erik Bedard


  • Manny being out has shifted things around a bit... Marky-Mark plays first, among other things.
  • Schill will miss his scheduled start against the Yankees on Saturday. He wasn't ready to throw a simulated game yesterday, which means he won't be ready in time to make his start.