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An Arms Race

David Ortiz can hit 59 home runs. Manny Ramirez can knock in 133 runs. Kevin Youkilis could walk 95 times. But none of it will matter if the Red Sox can't get the ball past the batter.

Look at the rotation and the bullpen. It has been horrible. Curt Schilling has been our best starter, and even he has faltered recently. Josh Beckett is on pace to give up 43 home runs. Jon Lester has come down to earth and has lost his lucky streak. Who else is there?

David Wells doesn't look completely healthy, but may be on the right track. Jason Johnson has actually shown signs of promise, but are we seeing the real Johnson?

The bullpen is even worse, though. Julian Tavarez is his normal self. Craig Hansen has been mediocre at best. Manny Delcarmen hasn't been the same since his finger injury. Jonathan Papelbon is, even with recent struggles, the best closer in the league.

Then there's Mike Timlin. He hasn't been the "rock" of years past. He's giving up hits and goffer balls like his name is Julian. And does anyone really trust him in the eighth inning anymore? It seems to be an adventure every time he heads out to the mound now.

Where's Rudy Seanez, though? He hasn't pitched since August 1 and hasn't allowed a run since July 9. In fact, Seanez has been amazing since July 9: 11.1 IP, 0.79 ERA, 7 strikeouts, and hasn't given up a home run. Why not give him the ball, Tito? He couldn't be any worse than Hansen, recently.

I'm not quite sure the Red Sox are post-season bound. The Yankees bolstered their team at the trade deadline while the Sox stood pat. I really have no problem with that - even in hindsight - but our depth may cost us in the end.

Of course, the Red Sox could get hot any day. They could get hot and win 12 straight games. They're capable of doing so and it very well may happen. But once the post-season rolls around, the Sox's arms will be tested. Whether we fail or pass has yet to be seen.