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Open Thread: 8.4.06 @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays


BOS Curt Schilling (13-4, 3.84)
TAM James Shields (4-5, 5.43)
Red Sox Lineup:
Crisp cf
Loretta 2b
Ortiz dh
Ramirez lf
Youkilis 1b
Pena rf
Cora 3b
Mirabelli c
Gonzalez ss
Devil Rays Lineup:
Hollins cf
Crawford lf
Cantu dh
Lee 1b
Norton rf
Navarro c
Upton ss
Perez 2b
Zobrist 3b
It's interesting to see new faces in the Tampa Bay lineup. Upton is the new shortstop since Lugo was traded to Los Angeles. And Ben Zobrist is a rookie with a lot of upside.