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Javy officially a Red Sox

From Gordon Edes on Extra Bases at

"ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Javy Lopez will be in uniform tonight for the start of the Sox three-game series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays after the Sox make official their acquisition of the veteran catcher from the Baltimore Orioles, plus cash considerations, for a player to be named later."

But the friggin Devil Rays apparently plan to rain on our already somewhat mediocre parade. Edes continues:

"The Orioles expect to receive a player from Boston's 40-man roster, believed to be either switch-hitting outfielder Adam Stern or switch-hitting infielder Alejandro Machado, but those plans could hit a snag.

According to major league sources, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would likely place a waiver claim on Machado and would consider doing so on Stern, effectively blocking those players from going to Baltimore. As of this afternoon, neither of those players had been placed on waivers by the Red Sox. Any players offered on waivers do not clear for 72 hours, so it is unlikely that the deal will be completed for another week, or more.

While the Devil Rays have legitimate interest in both players, there is another component that could motivate them to place a claim. According to multiple major league sources, the Devil Rays are convinced that the Red Sox made illegal contact with the agent for infielder Julio Lugo before the July 31 trading deadline, while Lugo was still under Tampa Bay's control. The Red Sox allegedly reached out to the agent, Dan Lozano, about whether Lugo would be willing to play second base and whether Lugo, a prospective free agent this winter, would be open to signing an extension. If true, that would constitute tampering, which is not allowed under Major League Baseball rules."

We've quite possibly got ourselves a Major League Baseball sandbox fight!

Back to Javy. His career batting line reads .288/.338/.494/.832 while this season he's putting up .265/.314/.412/.726. Defensively, he's a so-so catcher. Throughout his career he has caught 28% of the runners trying to steal on him, but this season that number has dropped to 18%. He has not had any passed balls or anything such, though. His fielding percentage is an impeccable 1.000 on the season.

Javy/Belli is most definitely an upgrade over Belli/Huckaby. I say this is good news. We appear to not have given up much (anything at all, if the devil rays have anything to say about it!) for a rental player that can help us down the stretch.