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We did it!

Feels good, doesn't it? I'm not talking about the fact that the Sox have now won two straight games. I'm talking about the Sox (primarily David Ortiz) giving Jered Weaver his first professional loss. We even bumped his ERA up to a 1.92. Sucker!

In all seriousness, the Red Sox handed the loss to one of the hottest starters in baseball. Yes, the Sox did lose six in a row. But last night's game is an indiciation that the Sox aren't dead yet.

Of course, I'd rather turn those six losses into six wins and lose against Weaver if I had the choice, but it doesn't work that way. But beating Weaver who's been the most dominant pitcher -- better than Francisco Liriano, really (I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong with numbers. There's a lot of that here ;)) -- says a lot about a club.

Sure, Papi was the power source last night. His 46th dinger of the season (what a manimal, ey?) gave the Sox the lead before Weaver had to leave the game due to a high pitch count. But if it wasn't for Josh Beckett keeping the Angels' offense at bay, we wouldn't have won this game either.

Stay away from the bridges. If you can't, bring a parachute. But there's no reason to worry about the 2006 just yet. The Sox aren't out until they are mathematically eliminated. Last night's win is a reason why.