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Sunday Link Dump: 8/20

Randy is on a mini-vacation, so I'll handle the Sunday link dump for today. Not to worry though, he'll be back in plenty of time to do the next one.

Red Sox

  • Beyond the Box Score has a great experiment that tries to pin down an accurate winning percentage for replacement level pitchers.
  • We're ranked 8th in the power rankings. How dare they?! Don't they know that we... actually, that feels about right. If not even overly generous.
  • Never slow down, never grow old. Gammons was on hand for yesterday's thumping. ESPN wrote a short article on it, and managed to find a picture where John Henry looks like Darth Vader and Gammons like the Emperor. Also, Henry's hair looks like Lego hair. Look closely!
  • The best smelling shortstop in the game is apparently also psychic.
  • Bill Plaschke is so insanely dumb that it's hard to believe, really. Fire Joe Morgan outs him as the inane moron he is and they do it in hilarious ways. Second from the top. At the very top is a comment on McCarver's rant against keeping track of pitch counts from today's Sox-Yanks game. Gotta love the old-timers.
Other stuff