Jeremy Sowers

so i figured that since i can't watch the game, i'd be a good sport and do some research on the opposing pitcher to earn some mojo points from the baseball gods. by doing so, i'll hopefully guide the sox to victory tonight. or something like that.

lester will start tonight against the indians' jeremy sowers. who is jeremy sowers? he's the tribe's version of jon lester. he's a young lefty, born in 1983, who's had great success in his rookie season. he only owns a 3-3 record but has a nifty 3.98 ERA and nice 1.11 WHIP. in six starts, he's gone two complete games, which is very impressive.

his BAA is .247. lefties and righties seem to be hitting him with similar success for average, but lefties slug a lot better against him, almost to the tune of .100 higher. in his last game, against the mariners, he went for a complete game while allowing only 5 hits, 1 walk and no earned or unearned runs. in fact, both of his last games have been complete game shutouts, as he threw such a game against the twins, too, on july 22nd.

so, we're facing a guy who's in an obvious groove right now. what, if anything, speaks to our advantage? in his one start on the road so far this year, he's 0-1 with a 6.43 ERA. one game isn't much of a sample size, obviously, so maybe we should hold off with the celebrations.

all in all, it looks to be a tough matchup for jon tonight. a tough one indeed.