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Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself this weekend

You might be too young to remember the Boston Massacre but trust me--not good. This time it's not the King's henchmen coming to collect back taxes, kill people and whatnot. It's the hated New York Yankees, coming to lay claim to what they've grown accustomed to believing is their rightful place atop the AL standings.

I'll admit it. I'm scared.

We haven't been playing well lately. It seems like whenever we face a quality starter we've got absolutely no chance getting the eight or so runs necessary to secure the victory. (Or even three if you count last night.) And you simply cannot give up six or seven runs every night and expect to win with any consistency. This isn't the Orioles we're dealing with anymore. This is the New York Yankees coming in. They've got that rotisserie lineup. And say what you will about how their starting pitchers have struggled this year. They've still been more effective than ours. I'd take Johnson, Mussina and Wang over any combination of starters we can throw out there. Sorry. Just being honest. Josh Beckett, in particular, hasn't shown me much this year--except maybe a straight 95 MPH fastball and a curve that rarely crosses the zone.

Now, at the risk of getting Forage's panties all in a bunch, I have to ask:

Lord, is four out of five really too much to ask from you right now? I mean I know you've got a lot on your mind. I'm just saying. Apart from world peace, I haven't asked for all that much this year. And you and I both know how important this five game set is. It's pivotal. It's pretty much the entire season right here. It's all on the line, big guy ... Can you at least make A-Rod do something stupid, get punched in the head, whatever ... We'll talk more on Sunday.

Just playing with you, Forage. You're the man.

So what do you guys think will happen this weekend? Let's hear your predictions. My heart says the Sox take the series 3-2 and we pick up one measly but precious game in the standings. My head, though, says otherwise.

I just hope we're still in this thing Monday afternoon.