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At Least We're Fighting For It

For those upset about tonight's 3-2 loss to Detroit, I offer a silver lining:

At least we fought for this one.

Curt Schilling did what we needed him to do, engaging in an old fashioned pitchers' duel with the young ace of the Junior Circuit's best nine, Jeremy Bonderman.

While in the end a loss is a loss, and even the best of them take you in the wrong direction, it's far easier to stomach a game like tonight's if you're sitting in the fan's chair. Watching a team get robbed of a bloop hit here, and then give up a bloop hit there, is much more stomachable than, say, witnessing an absolute collapse to the worst team in the league.

So, while the Yankees continue to do what they need to do and the Red Sox float precariously beneath the surface of the AL East, take heart.

At least they tried.