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Sunday Link Dump: 8/13

Last Night's Game:

  • Wily Mo Pena is a freak of nature:
    ``His home runs, it doesn't look like he's planted," Lowell said. ``It looks like he's hitting with his arms and hitting it 500 feet. Especially that triple today, that was through the wind and 420 feet. It didn't really look like he was perfectly balanced. He was kind of protecting the plate and just launched the ball.

    ``I guess I'd like to know what the bat feels like in his hands. His power is ridiculous."

  • Manny continues the hitting streak in the best way possible: walk-off style.
  • Who knows what's wrong with Jason Johnson. One day he looks like a prime-version of Derek Lowe. The next day he looks like the 2004-version of Derek Lowe.


  • The Sox could be targeting Adam Kennedy and Freddy Garcia in the off-season.
  • Do the Red Sox have interest in Astros stud Roy Oswalt? HOPEFULLY!

Other MLB News

  • Adios Mark Prior. The pitcher who looked to be one of the best slowly lost his barrings and has landed on the DL for the third time this year. Prior is the perfect reason why Dusty Baker should not be the manager of the Red Sox.
  • Unlike Prior, Ben Sheets looks good after recently coming off the disabled list.
  • The Yanks continue to win. Why won't they just fall off the map?