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Is Boston in Javy Lopez's Future?

With Jason Varitek heading to the disabled list because he needs surgery, the Sox are probably looking for a catcher that would be more suitable than Ken Huckaby.

Maybe that could be a pissed off Oriole by the name of Javy Lopez.

Lopez has asked for his release and the odds are good they'll grant it:

"I think that what makes more sense at the moment would be to put me on waivers so I can play somewhere else," said Lopez, who lost his starting catcher's job when Ramon Hernandez was signed as a free agent in December. "That way the team would have less headaches in putting the lineup together every day and I'd be more comfortable playing somewhere else instead of once a week here."

Lopez is quite expensive (2006 salary: 9 million) but I think he'd be a good addition to the Red Sox. Lopez may not catch every day like he wishes, but I'm sure he'd agree to catch 50% of the time or whatever if he was able to land on a team in playoff contention.

Should the Sox pursue Lopez?