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I'd like a pair of Red Sox, please

That's what you got comin', Chicago!

Boston's 12-5 route of Tampa Bay couldn't have come at a better time. Instead of visiting the World Series Champions after losing four in a row, the Sox will enter the Windy City after cinching up a victory with a six-run ninth inning.

Yeah, we're going to bring that offense to Chicago. And if we don't, we're going to be royally screwed.

Everyone remembers the last time we faced the White Sox. We were swept in the American League Division Series by them by a combined score of 24-9. I think sweeping the White Sox going into the All-Star break may be suitable revenge for what happened last year. Probably not though, considering they went on to win the World Series and if we sweep we go on to ... rest for three days.

The 2005 post-season is behind us, however. The Chicago White Sox are the champions, though, and we need to beat them. Taking two out of three games would be nice heading into the break. Sweeping would send a message to the rest of the American League, though. That's what we need.

The pitching match-ups are stellar to say the least. Rookie Jon Lester goes toe-to-toe with his toughest challenge yet in Mark Buehrle tomorrow. Josh Beckett takes on Freddy Garcia on Saturday. And on Sunday the aces of both teams face off in one of the best pitching match-ups of the year: Curt Schilling against the perfect Jose Contreras.

Boy, do I love baseball!

You could be a fan of the Soxes or you can be a fan of a team like the Royals. Either way, I think everyone is going to want to watch Sunday's game between two All-Stars. Oh, excuse me. I forgot that Ozzie Guillen is the AL manager and he likes to give his pitchers un-deserving trips to Pittsburgh. One All-Star versus a should-be All-Star.

I could write a 4,000-word essay on why All-Star managers shouldn't choose pitchers, but I won't. I could write a 10,000-word essay on the suckfest known as Ozzie Guillen, but I won't. I won't because the next six days are about great baseball. Red Sox, White Sox, and All-Star baseball; let's enjoy it.

But let's enjoy a sweep, also. Go colored Sox!