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Losing to the Devil Rays is not the problem

They're an improved team. They've got some talent. And they're hungry. The problem is, as far as I can see it, losing back-to-back games with your "aces" on the hill. That hurts. It's not season crushing by any means, but it did manage to ruin my weekend.

These two losses to the Rays are compounded in their effect by two Yankee losses in Cleveland. Instead of a 5 or 6 game cushion in the AL East, the lead remains just 4 over both the Yankees and the Blue Jays.

If forced to look on the bright side, I guess I'd say:
A) At least we still lead the division
B) At least the division lead isn't down to just 2 games

Make no mistake; winning the division is the only way this team is going to the post-season. Chicago and Detroit aren't going away, not with their pitching, so you'd better take advantage of the opportunities to expand the lead whenever possible--like when you're playing the Devil Rays.

That said, what moves do you think Theo and company should (or will) make before the deadline to improve the club? Do you still think we need help in the bullpen? Would you rather see a reliable number 5 starter? How about someone who can hit left-handed pitching? Or do we take our chances with what we've got?