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Killin' Kazmir

This kid is for real.

Scott Kazmir has been good in the past, but he has been great this season. And to really stake his claim as one of the game's best, he two-hit the best team in the American League East in dominating fashion.

Did he have no-hitter type stuff? Definitely. Kazmir may be the best lefty in the league right now. We know that honor doesn't go to Randy Johnson anymore, so Kazmir would be my number one choice to replace the Yankee southpaw.

Kazmir is everything I want Jon Lester to be. It's a possible dream, but it is what I said: a dream. Lester reminds me of Kazmir, but I think Kazmir has the upper edge pitch-wise. Maybe if Lester can develop some more plus-pitches, we'll have our own Kazmir.

A Kazmir clone. That would be fantastic!