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Soriano, Lugo, even Clemens to Boston?

So much news on the biggest (and best) day of the year...

  • Julio Lugo and Scott Linebrink on the verge of wearing red socks?
  • Gold Glover Andruw Jones is not on the table. He won't be going anywhere with thier asking price.
  • Young slugger Ryan Shealy could be our new first baseman. It'd cost Mike Lowell, though.
  • Maybe The Rocket would smarten up and ask out. That'd sure be nice. Atleast the Sox could give him some offense and some W's.

As the trade deadline approaches -- one hour and 24 minutes -- I'd like the Sox to keep the infield as it is. Lowell loves being in Boston, we love him, and he's having a terrific year with the bat and the glove. I don't see why we need to trade him. And Mark Loretta has been stellar in the number two spot. I think Dustin Pedroia could wait a half a year until his time.

But I don't want the Sox to go quietly, either. If the Sox could grab an outfielder and a starting pitcher we'd be just fine. But I'll pass on the Alfonso Sorianos of the trade market.