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Lugo or Pedroia starting at 2B on Monday?

More from Mr. Will Carroll (subscription req'd):

The Red Sox didn't make the deal I was told about yesterday. Was my source wrong or did things change, keeping the expected deal from happening? I'm not sure yet. Gordon Edes reported on the offer of Coco Crisp to the White Sox for Mark Buehrle, one of many offers that the Red Sox have made. There's a grand strategy there, but I can't see it yet. The Sox are also closing in on a deal for Julio Lugo, according to sources with other teams. The holdup there is getting an answer on whether Lugo would move to second base. The backup option for the Red Sox is Dustin Pedroia, not Ron Belliard.

Julio Lugo? I'm not quite sure. There are positives to trading for Lugo, though. One, he'd be better defensively if he played second base instead of shortstop. Second, he brings more power to the lineup than Mark Loretta. Third, he's quite fast (18 SB, 4 CS), so that'd give us another dimension. Fourth, he's a free agent, so if we let him walk we'd get a draft pick or two.

But I wouldn't make the deal because the D-Rays would want prospects. That means they're probably aiming for either Jon Lester, Craig Hansen, or Manny Delcarmen for arms. We wouldn't be able to get Lugo unless we lose one of our top 10 prospects -- at least one.

I'd prefer calling up Dustin Pedroia to play second every day. He's proven he can hit at the AAA level, so the next challenge is the big leagues. We're young in the bullpen, why not be young in the infield? Pedroia's defense may even be better than Loretta's.