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Sunday Link Dump: Here comes the trade deadline!

Red Sox

  • Can he do it again? He DID do it again. David Ortiz is clutch. "Papi says, if the pitcher hang it, we bang it."
  • Reliever Manny Delcarmen may be heading to the disabled list. Lil' Manny has inflammation in his right hand. I hope Manny doesn't need to head to the DL, because then the Sox may have to rely on Rudy Seanez or Julian Tavarez for the 7th.
  • Tito is peeved, but not to the point of being a Ozzhole (Ozzie Guillen's new nickname):
    Francona had it out with the umpiring crew in the bottom of the eighth after Varitek struck out swinging. After he walked back to the dugout, Varitek was told to go to first base because Angels catcher Jose Molina hadn't tagged him out after the pitch struck the dirt first. Replays showed Molina did catch it cleanly, but Francona was irked that first base umpire Kerwin Danley called Varitek out without consulting with home plate ump Jim Reynolds.

    In the top of the ninth, it appeared Varitek made a point of tagging Angels outfielder Garret Anderson, softly, in the back after Anderson struck out to end the inning on a ball that Varitek had no problem catching.

  • Injured starter Matt Clement is at 60-75% health. A healthy and effective Clement will put the Sox over the top going into the post-season run.
  • Our ace of the 2004 post-season, Keith Foulke, is on his way back. He pitched a perfect inning at Lowell on Friday and today he'll be with Pawtucket. Foulke could reasonably join the team on Monday. I think the Sox should just throw him right into the fire and see how he handles it.


  • It's true, Coco Crisp is being being shopped. The Padres are also looking at a third baseman, Mike Lowell or Kevin Youkilis.
  • Would you be surprised if Roger Clemens comes back to Boston? I wouldn't. I would be an extremely happy man if that were to happen.
  • The Sox are apparently still talking to Tampa Bay about Julio Lugo. The D-Rays and Lugo are talking about a contract, though. If we acquire Lugo, that'll be the worst trade of the deadline, in my opinion -- even if we traded for Jeff Suppan again.

SBNation News

  • Marc Normandin compiles a list of the best outfielders and infielders based off their defensive performance. The Sox may have the best fielding percentage for a team, but only one player tops the list as a Sox.
  • Slugger Carlos Lee is a Ranger. Dang.
  • Grant at McCovey Chronicles is definitely the funniest blogger in SBNation.
  • What a pitching matchup in Chicago! Chris Carpenter (Woo, New Hampshire!) deals against Carlos Zambrano. That's one to watch.

MLB News

  • The Yankees are close to getting Bobby Abreu from the Phils. I'm not worried. Are any Sox fans worried?
  • Cooperstown is jumpin' today. Bruce Sutter and 17 negro league players are being inducted.

Curt Schilling (13-3, 3.60) against the Angels' ace John Lackey (9-2, 2.89) tonight at 8:05 PM. An ESPN game ... great.