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Sox to Strike Deal Tonight?

Will Carroll:

Everyone's still watching the Red Sox, an organization that's plugged most of their former leaks. Whispers of Coco Crisp and Mark Loretta being shopped are coming from other organizations. The chattering masses (myself included) are trying to connect the dots here without much luck so far. Some of this--but not all--is smart use of misdirection. We'll know soon, I'm told. One of my best sources says the first of the Red Sox deals will happen this afternoon.

Sounds like a deal is close. Maybe we can cap off a great day with a great acquisition. I'm thinking Wily Mo Pena will be the first one to be gone...

Update [2006-7-29 20:20:0 by Randy Booth]: With Crisp and Loretta on the trade block, and Dustin Pedroia hitting well at Pawtucket, I could see Loretta being dealt before Monday's deadline. Loretta could be moved for a starter. Pedroia's defense may even be better than Loretta's. If we move Crisp, though, we'll need a CF to take his place. I don't think Pena could last there for another 60 or so games.