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Wily al-MO-st gone

ESPN (ESPN Insider):

...all the indications that they're trying to do something creative, clubs that have spoken with them say they're not close to anything on any front ... they're hunting for a starting pitcher who would allow them to stop counting on Tim Wakefield and David Wells to return to perfect health ... from all accounts, it's the hulking Wily Mo who is most out there for somebody to scarf up ... the Sox trying to cook up all sorts of complicated multi-team deals. So we've chased down rumors about Dontrelle Willis, Jake Peavy, Jake Westbrook, Chris Young, Miguel Cabrera, Miguel Batista and all sorts of other fun, but even more far-fetched, names ... We've also heard surprising names off their own roster that are said by various clubs to be available. But we sense no appetite on their part to deal those names - not unless they're faced with an offer too juicy to turn down ... in the words of one front-office man who has spoken with the Red Sox, "I'd be very surprised if Wily Mo Pena is on their team come Monday night."
Could something BIG be in the works? Maybe in far, far away galaxy the Sox could trade Mike Lowell for a SP and then acquire Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins...