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Shift the Shift

As I watch David Ortiz knock singles through the shift, something clicks in my head and makes me wonder:

Is this the best way to do "the shift"?

We all know what the shift is. It's when the second baseman goes into the grass in right field, the shortstop goes to the right of the second base bag, and the third baseman shifts over where the shortstop is. But I think it could be better than that.

On most teams, the shortstop has the most range for an infielder, correct? For the Red Sox that is definitely the case. So why not use that to our advantage during the shift?

I propose a change. Why not keep the shortstop on the left side of the infield where he normally plays, and move the third baseman to the shortstops spot on the right side of the second base bag?

I think this would be better for a couple reasons. Like I mentioned before, the average shortstop has more range than the average third baseman. So if a ball were to go to the left side, the shortstop has a better chance of making the play.

Secondly, if the infield were to try and turn a double play, the shortstop would be in his natural position to turn it. You wouldn't have to worry about the third baseman muffing the play and costing your team an out. And there are many ways for the third baseman to muff it: footwork, taking the feed, and avoiding the runner are a few reasons.

Third, it's natural. The shortstop would probably feel better about being in his normal position, and the third baseman would probably feel better about not having to worry about covering so much ground.

Just a suggestion. Am I crazy to think this, or would this be a doable move?