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Filed under:'s Top Prospects: Updated 7/25

I did a major overhaul on the 'Over The Monster Top 20 Prospects' list. I decided to rework the whole thing based off this season's performance, expectations, and everything else. Here is the new updated list:

  1. J. Lester - LHP
  2. C. Hansen - RHP
  3. D. Pedroia - MIF
  4. J. Ellsbury - OF
  5. M. Bowden - RHP
  6. C. Buchholz - RHP
  7. E. Martinez - RHP
  8. D. Murphy - OF
  9. J. Place - OF*
  10. B. Cox - RHP*
  11. K. Johnson - LHP*
  12. J. Masterson - RHP*
  13. L. Soto - OF
  14. B. Moss - OF
  15. J. Lowrie - MIF
  16. M. Wagner - C*
  17. C. Spann - 3B*
  18. D. Pauley - RHP
  19. F. Doubront - LHP*
  20. C. Turner - OF*
* = added to list

-Manny Delcarmen was taken off the list because he's no longer considered a 'prospect.'

-Jon Lester and Craig Hansen are VERY close to coming off the prospect list.

-Abe Alvarez is off the list. He's only a borderline prospect now.

-The only reason Moss is still on this list is because he's been very hot recently. He hit .352 in June and his OPS was an insane 1.086 (Eastern League average was .714 in June). I think he needs a promotion to Pawtucket. Maybe he's sick of the Portland scenery.

-Note where 2006 draft picks are: right around the middle. Almost all the early draft picks have played very well.

-Keep your eyes on the following names you may never have heard before: Mark Wagner (C), Felix Doubront (SP), and Chris Turner (OF). All three will probably climb the prospects pretty well within the next year.