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Open Thread: 7.24.06 @ Oakland Athletics

12-5, 4.78
10-6, 3.20

Now who is the better pitcher? Sox youngster Josh Beckett or A's ace Barry Zito? The ERA might say that Zito has the edge, but Beckett's K/BB (102/40) trumps his competitor (97/62) tonight. His WHIP (1.24) and wins (12), also does.

Nonetheless, it'll be a battle of 1999 draft picks. Beckett was drafted second overall by the Marlins, Zito ninth by the A's, of course.

In the end, maybe Zito has been the better pitcher this year -- maybe not. If both pitchers are at their best tonight, we could have ourselves an answer at, say, 1:00 AM eastern time?

Feel free to post lineups in the comment section if I don't.