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Open Thread: 7.23.06 @ Seattle Mariners

Watch out, because there is a battle of southpaws in Seattle. Jon Lester (5-0, 2.38 ERA) goes home to start for the Bo Sox. And for Seattle it's expensive lefty Jarrod Washburn (4-10, 4.41) who has obviously struggled this season.


Youkilis 1b
Loretta 2b
Ortiz dh
Ramirez lf
Varitek c
Lowell 3b
Crisp cf
Kapler rf
Gonzalez ss

It's a normal lineup. No David Ortiz at first and Manny Ramirez is back to left. Gabe Kapler gets the start in right field because A) it's a lefty and B) Trot Nixon is struggling very badly. So maybe he can get it all together with a nice Sunday off.