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Sunday Links

Rumors/Trade Deadline

  • Curt Schilling doesn't expect the Sox to add a top of the line starter at the deadline. He says it's more likely to be a bottom of the rotation pitcher.
  • The Rockies had a scout in attendance to watch Julian Tavarez. Apparently there's a team in the majors that would like to have Tavarez in their bullpen.
  • There are teams looking at Wily Mo Pena, but he's not on the market.
  • Nick Cafardo looks at potential trade partners with the Red Sox.
  • The Herald speculates the Sox could go after the Phillies' Rheal Cormier or Tom Gordon.

Other Notes:

  • Trot Nixon hasn't hit a home run in 121 at-bats. Nixon is hitting .186 and slugging .186 in July.
  • Seattle loves our stellar rookie Jon Lester.
  • Captain Jason Varitek thinks Kyle Snyder can get the job done in the Red Sox rotation.
  • Pitching coach Dave Wallace, who almost died in February because of an infection, is close to coming back. But the Sox don't want to lose Al Nipper's relationship with the young kids.
  • The deal Josh Beckett signed with the Red Sox was reportedly all between him and the club, not his agent who was involved late in the discussions. That's good news for Sox fans.
  • The Mets may be the winner in the Barry Zito sweepstakes, but they'd have to part with stud prospect Lastings Milledge (who was rumored to be coming here for Manny last summer).
  • The Blue Jays could bulk up by acquiring Julio Lugo to play short. I'd prefer not to have that happen, because I don't want to see the Jays with any more offense.