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He said, they said

Yesterday, the Toronto Blue Jays released Shea Hillenbrand, the former Red Sox third baseman who was traded to the Diamondbacks in the disastrous Byun Hung Kim deal. And, apparently, it was not an amicable parting. Insults were hurled. And fingers were pointed. (Not the BK Kim kind.)

One incident being reported had Hillenbrand writing, "This is a sinking ship!" on a dry-erase board in the clubhouse. Manager John Gibbons saw it, then barged into a players-only meeting demanding to know who was responsible. When Hillenbrand accepted responsibility Gibbons got in his face. I won't go into all the details here. Read this for the full scoop.

No wonder the Jays were attempting to unload Hillenbrand to the Angels for Adam Kennedy. The deal probably would have gone down, too, if not for the Jays refusing to toss in $2 million to cover the difference in salary.

Shea Hillenbrand 2006 totals (in limited duty)
.301 12 39

What are the odds the Sox pick him up? Seems to me he'd make a wonderful bat off the bench, and a capable backup first baseman. I've always liked Shea at the plate. He absolutely kills the Red Sox. The Yankees might want him too. (Though he doesn't seem to have a problem with drugs or alcohol.)

Wherever he goes, I'm pretty sure Hillenbrand would love the chance to stick it up Toronto's ass by signing within the division. Thoughts?