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Did you see that routine grounder Coco made?

That headline was a lot funnier before last night's game--once again proving that timing is everything in life. I put the bulk of this post together Sunday night, so you'll have to forgive me. Or you'll have to lambaste me with your comments. Whatever. I can take it.

My original intent was to find out if anyone still thought Coco belonged at the top spot in the batting order based on how he'd been hitting the ball lately, which, until last night's encouraging 3-4 effort, was not a whole hell of a lot.

To me, he seems to swing at far too many first strike pitches to bat leadoff. Maybe his approach is different now because he's in the eight-hole, maybe he's intentionally being more aggressive early in the count looking to drive a first-pitch fastball, I don't know. What I do know is he needs to start hitting the ball more consistently--one 3-4 game isn't enough.

in Chicago, Coco had three back-to-back two-hit games, but is batting just .191 in July (excluding last night) with 2 RBI and 3 SB. That's not so good.

Coco Crisp AB AVG OBP K
Batting 1st 99 .242 .299 20
Batting 7th 39 .308 .341 4
Batting 8th 59 .271 .348 8

There's no doubt he's pressing. Who wouldn't in his spikes? He's trying to replace a local hero, trying to prove his worth. Missing all those games to injury didn't help. It had to be devastating, considering how well he started the season. The good thing is his defense has not suffered in the least. He's very solid out there. At the plate, he just needs to dig in, wiggle those fingers, and relax. Have an idea, as they say. Let it come naturally. As the season wears on we're definitely going to need the old Coco, the Cleveland Coco, to show up and stay for a while.

I hope last night was the start of beautiful finish for Coco Crisp and the Red Sox.

P.S. Did you see Youkilis pantomiming from the dugout for Papi to hoist the base over his head after he stole second in the ninth last night? That would have been hysterical! Not sure, though, how the Royals would have responded ... probably with something up around the neck.