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Fantasy Teams: How you doin'?

It's just a few days after the break, and everyone's fantasy teams are kicking back into gear. How has the stretch been for you? Who has been your diamond in the the rough or your biggest bust?

I'm in three leagues using Yahoo! (never again!) and I'm fairing pretty well. Two of my leagues (one is with my college buddies the other one is with my high school buddies) I was leading for 90% of the time in the first half. The third (Beyond The Boxscore league) I'm doing pretty poorly in.

WWCND (What Would Chuck Norris Do? -- high school) is my best team: there are eight teams in the league and I am in first place by 11 games. I feature a strong squad, including Joe Mauer, Ryan Howard, Miguel Cabrera, Michael Young, Lance Berkman and Mark Teixeira. My pitching takes the cake, though: Francisco Liriano (draft day pick), Scott Kazmir, Felix Hernandez, Chris Carpenter, Jake Peavy, Jon Lester, Francisco Rodriguez, Huston Street and Joe Nathan. The biggest bust has been Big Tex, but I think he'll turn it around. My biggest stud has been Liriano, who I've had for a long, long time.

KSC The League: I'm in second place (back 7 games), but he just took the lead a week before the All-Star break or so. Notable players: Mauer, Chase Utley, Cabrera, Bobby Abreu, Nick Swisher, Matt Holliday. Pitchers: Brad Penny, Brandon Webb, Nate Robertson, Rodriguez, Street, JJ Putz. Biggest bust: Kevin Millwood. He's been horrible for me. He's on the verge of being dropped. Biggest surprise: Swisher. He leads my team with 21 home runs, even though he's dropped off the past month or so.

And I'm only going to tell you one thing about my Beyond the Boxscore league: I'm beating Marc Normandin! Woooo!