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Yankees sign Ponson

The Yankees made their first move of the deadline season, plucking former Oriole and Cardinal Sidney Ponson off the scrap heap.

Smart move.

Ponson is a real "character guy," having only been arrested once for assaulting a judge and twice for driving under the influence. Twice! (So he has some control problems.)

Speaking of twice, that happens to be how many times he's won more games than he's lost in a season. But he's worth a flier for sure. I mean he's in pretty good shape, right? (At least when compared to your minor league system.)

I'm sure in a couple weeks all we'll hear is what a fun-loving clubhouse guy Ponson is. Cashman will talk about second chances, tell us what a low-risk signing this was--all that bullshit. What they won't admit is what an absolute embarrassment this signing is. Assault charges. Drunken driving convictions. No problem.

Just don't show up with facial hair.