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Open Thread: All-Star Game

Open thread if you want to talk about the game. 1-0, American League after a Vlad The Impaler home run.

Update [2006-7-11 22:18:54 by Randy Booth]: Take this Tim McCarver, Joe Buck and Bud Selig! Thanks to Will Carroll:

I won?t be seeing Manny Ramirez in Pittsburgh. The top vote getter is taking a disproportionate amount of heat for missing the game, even getting openly questioned on yesterday?s Fox telecast. Tim McCarver said the worst thing about his knee injury was ?remembering which leg to limp with.? It?s easy to say that Ramirez is faking an injury, but almost as easy to actually check on the injury. Ramirez is suffering from a small tear in the medial meniscus of his right knee. It?s an injury he can play with, but one that can ?grind,? a bone-on-bone situation that is unpredictable and painful. The decision was made a while ago by the Red Sox to keep Manny on the field as much as possible. One possible solution that?s been mentioned is using Ramirez at DH more often, moving Kevin Youkilis to LF and David Ortiz to 1B. There?s some defensive penalty to be paid, but it keeps the best bats in the lineup.
Screw you, McCarver.