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What's your Favorite Memorabilia?

OK, it's summer time. That means two fantastic things: baseball and grilling. And when there's a grill, there's a party.

The good people at Twix want you to party -- on their dime. If you go to and enter their giveway, you could win prizes including a 42" HD Flat Panel TV, surround sound audio system, $1000 for hosting a party, baseball memorabilia, a cooler, portable grill and a party supply of TWIX® Caramel Cookie Bars.

The sweetest thing about this deal -- other than the TV and the $1,000 dollars -- is the baseball memorabilia. I've got two pieces of baseball memorabilia that I love: one is my signed Bill Mueller picture that hangs on my wall. It is the picture of him tagging out Jeff Suppan in the 2004 World Series. And the other is a framed picture of Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams standing next to each other holding thier bats.

What does everyone else have for baseball memorabilia? I'm not that big of a collector, but my favorite part of the mall is the cart with all the sports pictures and autographs. I definitely want to pick myself up some more Ted Williams art -- nobody better to have on a wall, in my opinion.

(And baseball gloves "signed" by "Roger Clemens" don't count! Unless, of course, you REALLY got Roger Clemens to sign it.)