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90% of this post is half mental

I'm not a big statistics guy. I think they're interesting. I'm just not interested in calculating them or even looking them up. I can tell just from watching, though, that we're leaving far too many runners on base--game in and game out. It's really frustrating. And that got me thinking about "clutch."

Clutch, of course, got me thinking about Big Papi and his penchant for the dramatic. This year it seems like a lot of Ortiz's homeruns are of the solo variety though. Again, I haven't bothered looking into the numbers; it's just wild speculation on my part. Laziness, you might say.

Such laziness got me thinking about Manny Ramirez. Guy's easier than Sunday morning. Does he make the game look easy? Or does the game make him look lazy? I don't know. He's a monster at the plate. He certainly makes that look easy. And he's a far better left fielder than a lot of people give him credit for. It's just that sometimes ... like last night, when he got thrown out at second trying to stretch a routine single to center into a double. WTF? That's just Manny being Manny, right? Whatever. Sometimes he looks absolutely clueless out there.

Clueless got me looking in the mirror, of course. Because without the hard statistical data I'm too lazy to look up, that's precisely what I am.

Go ahead. Check the numbers.