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Why do I care about the New York Yankees?

It's a measly four-game series in early June, so why am I all riled up? The Yankees seem to have that effect on me. I find myself flipping to their games during the commercials in hopes of finding them well behind on the scoreboard to my other favorite team--whichever team they happen to be playing.

Do you guys do that?

When the Yankees took a half-game lead the other day, it was as if my best friend had died. It's pitiful, really. I need help.

I have a lot of respect for most of the Yankee players. No doubt. I think Joe Torre is a good guy, a good manager, but I despise the pinstripes with a passion. A passion I have for little else in life. And it's just not normal. If I drop dead in the not-too-distant future, the coroner will probably tell you it wasn't all that healthy either. Whatever. It is what it is.

The truth is every series with the Yankees this time of year has the potential to be the one you look back on in September as the series that catapulted the team into the playoffs, or sent `em reeling--the series that defines the entire season.

A split would be okay. Three of four would be phenomenal. But if we sweep or get swept, God-forbid, I'll wet myself for sure.