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Oh, Coco (and Gonzo)!

How about that incredible catch in the 8th inning last night? Un-be-frickin-lievable! Not to sound like my daughter, but that was like totally awesome!

Coco seems to be rounding into form at the plate, too. Last week, he hit .368--primarily out of the 8-hole.

I think we're really going to start to see the impact Coco can have on a ballgame. Like in the 7th inning last night. He gets on with a bunt single, steals second, Gonzo moves him over to third and he scores on a Youkilis sac fly.


Alex Gonzalez has been out of his mind offensively lately as well. Last week, he hit .381 with a couple dingers and 5 RBI. Plus, there's no better defensive shortstop in the game. The guy's like one of those Dyson® vacuums that never loses its suction!

Here are their offensive totals from last month, excluding last night's game:

Coco Crisp
.279, 2HRs, 18 runs, 11 RBI, 3 SB

Alex Gonzalez
.356, 3HRs, 14 runs, 10 RBI

You've really got to give these two guys credit for setting the table in the middle innings, and for helping make this 12-game winning streak possible. It's great to be getting some production from the bottom of the order, something sorely lacking earlier in the season.

When we got to six in a row I said it would be nice to get it 12. It certainly has been nice, hasn't it?

I'm a little nervous about tonight though, to be honest. The Sox don't seem to hit lefties very well, and Willis is a one of the very best lefties in the game--a top-fiver for sure. But, if we can eek this one out, I don't see why we couldn't stretch this thing to 18. I'm just saying.

We'll see what Jason Johnson has to offer us tonight.

Anyway, have a great long weekend everybody. Stay safe. Lots of drunken crazies out there--Yankee fans mostly.