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Open Thread: 6.3.06 @ Detroit Tigers

[editor's note, by Randy Booth] OTM readers: I've been tweaking with the open threads lately -- as you can see -- and I'm really at a standstill. What do YOU want to see in an open thread? Are the starter stats and the lineups useful? Do you want to maybe see a running log of big events? Let me know, because I'd like to make an open thread as useful as possible for readers of Over The Monster. Leave a comment or e-mail me at rbooth AT overthemonster DOT com. I want to make this place the best I can for the all OTM readers. Thanks, and Go Sox!

BOSTON:                                  DETROIT:
Tim Wakefield (4-6, 4.07)               Jeremy Bonderman (5-4, 4.61)

Crisp           CF                      Granderson      CF
Loretta         2B                      Polanco         2B
Ortiz           DH                      Rodriguez       C
Ramirez         LF                      Ordonez         RF
Nixon           RF                      Guillen         SS
Lowell          3B                      Thames          DH
Youkilis        1B                      Monroe          LF
Mirabelli       C                       Shelton         1B
Cora            SS                      Inge            3B
Game Notes:
  • Tim Wakefield is coming off his best-pitched game of the season, 5/28 versus Tampa Bay.
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