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Most Valuable Papi

Is there any question as to the identity of the American League MVP so far this season?

It's the same guy who should have won it last year and (gasp!) he's a designated hitter.

DH is a role David Ortiz fills most valuably: 21 game-winning RBI last year ... 8 career walk-off homers ... the guy is clutch beyond belief! When he doesn't come through you're surprised. And that says it all. Votes for MVP aren't being cast today, I know, but if they were, how could you not vote for this guy?

I heard Buster Olney on ESPN Radio the other day saying what I've long believed: you shouldn't look at and compare numbers at the end of they year. You should watch the games. A-Rod may finish with better numbers than Big Papi, the Yankees may win more games, but this year--just like last year--games won or lost based on how the MVP candidate performs show you who the true MVP is.

No player is more valuable than to his team than David Ortiz is to the Red Sox. And that's why in the 8th inning last night, not even three months into the season, Papi took his place in the batter's box wearing his #34 superhero costume and the MVP chant broke out at Fenway Park.

Barry Bonds has a fancy vibrating recliner next to his locker. David Ortiz has a phone booth.