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I'll tell you what sucks

FOX exclusivity, that's what. No Sox game on the Direct TV MLB package Saturday. Luckily, I've got my XM Satellite Radio system, because what a game it was. Papi. The guy's unbelievable.

Here's something else that sucks: hitting women.

I can't believe the Phillies ran Brett Myers out there after his arrest just two nights before. Very Steinbrennerian. Such class. Guess what: you lost the game AND opened the front office to criticism. So, if you're keeping score at home, that's one black eye for Myers's wife and another for the Philadelphia organization.

Seriously, what is with professional athletes and their propensity to slap around those closest to them? Couldn't possibly be `roid rage in this day and age, could it? Is it our idolatry that makes these guys believe they can get away with anything, including--in the case of OJ Simpson--killing people? Some role models. Let that be a lesson to you, kids, sometimes you just have to show the lady who's boss.

Here's another thing that sucks: women who stay in abusive relationships.

Now, I'm sure Mrs. Myers has grown accustomed to the lavish privileges her husband's occupation affords. And what's the occasional black eye when compared to that, right? Post bail for him, the poor thing. He won't hit you again. That's what they all say.

All who don't eventually get killed by their husbands, that is.