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Six in a row, my friends

Ain't life grande? I don't mean to get greedy, but wouldn't six more be nice? An even dozen to really show the National League who's boss? We can dream, can't we?

Anyway, six in a row got me thinking about the great number 6's of all time. And without Internet assistance, this is what I came up with:

Bill Russell
Stan Musial
Dr. J
Al Kaline

I could hardly put together a "good" #6 list:

Rico Petrocelli
Bill Buckner
Steve Garvey

My "bad" list is almost as long:

Pure Evil
Satan (1919-2003)

And, finally, this unfortunate list:

Harry Agganis (Died of pulmonary thrombosis at the age of 25)
Johnny Pesky (when Slaughter dashed home in `46)
Bill Bucker ("Behind the bag!" in '86)

I'm probably overanalyzing things a tad, so lets just put all this #6 nonsense behind us by taking lucky # 7 tonight against the Phills, shall we? It's Josh Beckett (8-3 5.09) vs. Ryan Madson (7-4 5.79) at 7:05pm.

(6:05 CST - unfortunately.)