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Globe Writer Going Wild

The news of this happened about a week ago, but I just happened to stumble upon it thanks to an old post on a Red Sox blog.

Boston Globe writer Chris Snow is leaving the Globe to join the Minnesota Wild (typical Shaughnessy article. Don't expect congratulations from him).

Most of us know Chris by his inside information on the NESN Red Sox pre-game show. We also know him by his coverage of the Red Sox every day in the Globe. But he's not going to go to the Wild to be a writer or a on-air personality. He's joining the Wild as the new director of hockey operations.

I've actually met Chris before. His dad lives down the road from me, and a couple houses down from my uncle. It was a quick, "Hey, how are you?" type of deal, but it was pre-Globe when he was still at Syracuse (I think. May have been post-SU). It was at his dad's house where my brother's and I were putting their docks in the water, which we usually do every year.

But now the next time we see him -- if we see him -- he'll be a head-honcho in the Wild organization. That's just mind-boggling to me.

Congrats to Chris. That's a huge step for a writer -- especially a 24-year-old writer who just came out of college a few years ago.

And to think, he was supposed to be my connection to the Boston Globe. Dang.