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Finally, a laugher

The Nationals have just issued a press release announcing that what we witnessed last evening was in no way their fault, but rather the product of a vast right-wing conspiracy designed and orchestrated by George Bush himself, and set in motion with the ceremonial first pitch to start the season.

It was ugly for the Nationals, for sure, but it was absolutely beautiful for us. We certainly needed that. There have been far too many nail-biters lately, too many tugs of war, and far too many bullpen blow-ups. A 6-run second inning took the pressure off Wakefield. He got some run support--finally. And that was that. It felt good. It was nice to get Hansen in there for a couple innings of work without worry, too.

For a while there it looked like the Sox were going to ride Ryan Howard's back to a 3-game cushion in the AL East (A career-high 7 RBI against the Yankees). But the Philly bullpen did their best Rudy Seanez imitation, and blew a 2 run-lead in the 8th on a Johnny Damon triple. (BOO!)

Jon Lester takes to the hill tonight looking to pick up where he left off in Atlanta. Let's hope he can pick up his second major league victory, and keep the ball rolling to six in a row.