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Open Thread: 6-20-06 vs. Washington Nationals

BOSTON:                                 WASHINGTON:
Tim Wakefield (4-8, 3.97)               Livan Hernandez (5-7, 5.18)

Youkilis        1B                      Soriano         LF
Loretta         2B                      Vidro           2B
Ortiz           DH                      Guillen         RF
Ramirez         LF                      Anderson        DH
Nixon           RF                      Zimmerman       3B
Lowell          3B                      Fick            1B
Crisp           CF                      Clayton         SS
Mirabelli       C                       Schneider       C
Cora            SS                      Byrd            CF

Game Notes:
Cora starts again for the second night in a row, probably because Gonzalez is a .098 (4-for-41) against the Nats' starter, Hernandez ... Wakefield has been great at home: 51.2 IP, 28 SO, 14 BB, 3.14 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, .203 BAA ... Foulke is still hurting pretty bad. No time table on his return, if he returns ... Francona had a meeting with the young relievers today. He told them the coaching staff had faith in them (let's see that, Terry) ... Lowell is a .362 (17-for-47, 7 2B, 1 HR) hitter versus Hernandez ... Gary DiSarcina is the color man tonight. Woohoo!