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Tip your cap and call the Red Sox your daddies

Yesterday, the Sox finished off a three-game sweep of the Braves on behalf of fathers--and father's prostates--everywhere. But it wasn't easy. Thanks to one pitch by Rudy Seanez, the Sox had to battle from behind to take the game and the series sweep. The best part, apart from Manny breaking that horrific slide, was picking up a game on every other team in the division and grabbing sole possession of first place--yet again. Let's hope we can keep it for a while this time.

A nice, long winning streak is just what the doctor ordered. (My doctor. Stress.) The Nationals aren't going to lie down for us though. We saw that this weekend. They've got heart. And they're coming off an incredible two-game high, having taken the last couple from the Yankees in dramatic fashion. The way the rotation is setting up doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but it's coming around. What might help most of all is simply putting up a few runs early to take the pressure off the starters, and to really show the Nats who's boss.

A three-game sweep feels good. We're no longer feeling Minnesota. And if we can rattle off a few we might start looking California--or at least, like, Yarmouth.