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Open Thread: 6.15.06 @ Minnesota Twins

Ok, can Tim Wakefield get a little run support? If he had some run support, this man would be 7-4, not 7-4. Thankfully, we have a favorable matchup with the Twins sending out Carlos Silva. Silva worked his way back into the rotation after being demoted earlier in the season. Silva's last two starts weren't that great though: 11.0 IP, 19 H, and 9 ER. So hopefully we can attack and salvage a win in this series! I think the Sox need to be patient and wait for a nice, juicy pitch down the middle. They need to score runs and score those early if we want to win.

BOSTON:                                 MINNESOTA:
Tim Wakefield (4-7, 3.93)               Carlos Silva (2-8, 7.73)

Youkilis        1B                      Castillo        2B
Cora            2B                      Punto           3B
Ortiz           DH                      Mauer           C
Ramirez         LF                      Cuddyer         RF
Nixon           RF                      Morneau         1B
Lowell          3B                      Hunter          CF
Crisp           CF                      Kubel           LF
Mirabelli       C                       White           DH
Gonzalez        SS                      Bartlett        SS