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On the air

Since I moved out of the area, I'm at the mercy of the Direct TV schedule as to which feed I get to watch--NESN or the opposition's. As a general rule it's the home teams' broadcast, but not always. All of that is to say, there are some really shitty broadcasting teams out there.

When Don Orsillo first started calling games for the Sox I thought he sounded an awful lot like Sean McDonough. And maybe that's why I like him. He's always sounded ... familiar. I think he and Remy work well together. There's chemistry there, for sure. Still, if I had my may, I'd watch the game on TV and listen to Troupe and Castiglione call it. That's just me.

With the MLB package you get to hear the good along with the bad. I've always loved Vin Scully. He's so old school. He works alone and refuses to leave more than a second or two of dead air throughout the entire ballgame. On the radio side (XM package anyone?) I like listening to Charlie Steiner call a game.

I like George Grande, the former ESPN guy who calls Reds games on TV. And if you've never heard Marty Brennamen call a Reds game on radio, you owe it to yourself to find a streaming feed somewhere. Phenomenal. He's up there with Ernie Harwell in my opinion.

And who's better than Joe Buck? Not even McCarver can bring this guy down. And that's saying a lot. Mike Shannon, on Cardinals' radio, is a joy to listen to as well.

I hate Michael Kay, but I do like what Jim Kaat and Paul O'Neil have to offer. On the radio side, John Sterling can go make love to himself AND that woman who won't stop talking for all I care.

Who do you guys enjoy listening to? Who do you despise?