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A SportsBlogs Nation Member Needs Help

I could talk about the fantastic pitching matchup tonight between Curt Schilling and Johan Santana, but there are more important things that needs attention right now.

SportsBlogs Nation's first tech guy, Jeremy, had a horrible experience Sunday, luckily he wasn't home -- nor the rest of his family:

A family was out of town when a pickup struck their home early Sunday, plowing into a computer room and a baby's crib, Olympia police reported.

The driver, Pfc. Patrick McNary, 20, of Fort Lewis, faces charges of driving under the influence, Olympia Police Officer George Samuelson said. His passenger, also from Fort Lewis, suffered a broken finger and cuts from the crash, Samuelson said.

He said McNary's pickup reached the T intersection of Conger Avenue and Division Street just after midnight and failed to stop. The pickup went airborne, crashed through the wall and landed completely inside the home, pinning a crib in the baby's room against the opposite wall, he said.

The home was unoccupied because the parents were at a software convention in Las Vegas, and the child was staying with a grandmother in town, Samuelson said.

"This could have been a serious, serious accident," he said.

Thankfully Jeremy, his wife and their child were out of the house and everyone is safe. But if they weren't, it would have been tragic. Now, though, they have a hole in their home and no place to stay (I'm assuming).

Here's a photo, thanks to

If you'd like to help Jeremy and his family out, you can PayPal him at jeremy at archibaldsisters dot com. Anything at all would help them, but you don't have to donate.