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Doug Mirabelli is Back in Town

Some may call it desperation. Some may call it the need to get rid of Josh Bard. But whatever you call it, Doug Mirabelli is back and wearing the #28 for the Boston Red Sox.

Mirabelli may not be the best catcher in the major leagues, but he's a damn good back up, a damn good teammate, and he can catch that knuckleball damn ... damn well.

I don't think we should expect 20 home runs out of him, nor should we expect even 60 runs batted in. That just won't happen unless he finds more playing time. But what I saw in his first game back was the reason he's back.

It was a knuckleball -- obviously -- that darted away from Mirabelli. He had to go across his body with his glove to catch it and he did -- that's the amazing part. He had his arm fully extended and snagged that ball. Bard? Probably not...

The Sox gave up Bard, Cla Meredith and some cash to get Mirabelli back. That's fine for me. Meredith may become a solid relief pitcher some day, but he shouldn't be one tomorrow, and Bard, in my opinion, will never be a superstar.

The biggest reason why I like this trade is for the fact that Dougie is a great guy. He was loved in the clubhouse the past few seasons and I'm sure when he got back he was mobbed. Jason Varitek loves him, Terry Francona loves him, the team and the fans.

While all the Boston media says how the Boston clubhouse is a much more serious clubhouse, Mirabelli will add a splash of life to it. It's not a bad thing that it's serious, but you always need your characters, and Dougie is going to be a great one to have.