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Foulke Tales

That's all, Foulkes!
If every pitch you throw is a changeup, including your fastball, can it still be called a changeup? Shouldn't it be called what it really is? The goddamn two-seam meatball? AKA, the batting practice fastball. AKA, the ball A-Rod hit that just now landed. Good grief.

Keith Foulke has completely lost it. And you know what? It ain't coming back.

This is not "breaking news." Signs of this meltdown began to appear even during the championship run. I remember, I think it was after game 3 of the World Series, when the FOX cameras were following Foulke as Varitek approached for post-game congratulations and hearing Foulke say, he "just had to make it interesting."

The pinpoint control, the ability to paint the corners has completely abandoned the guy, leaving him with only the supreme power, apparently, of pure, extremely hittable right down the middle.

I have no problem bringing him in the last inning of a 9-1 game. In relatively close ball games, though, you know the M.O. He comes in, gives up a double or two, creates a save situation, and then heads back to the clubhouse to watch some playoff hockey.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some burgers that need flipping.